Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I upload wallpapers?

    Simply copy wallpapers to your Desktoppr folder, located in your Dropbox folder under Apps/Desktoppr. We periodically check this folder for changes.

    If you want us to check your dropbox folder for any new wallpapers right away, press the sync now button on the uploads page.

  • What wallpapers can I upload?

    You should only upload a wallpaper if you are the copyright holder or if you have permission from the copyright holder to upload the wallpaper.

    We accept JPG/JPEG and PNG wallpapers that are 1280x800px or greater. We allow some "not safe for work" wallpapers, such as wallpapers containing bad languages or light tasteful nudity. Illegal wallpapers, wallpapers with mass nudity or images that are not wallpapers ie (screenshots) will be removed completely from the site.

    Wallpapers showing assorted types of cheese are very welcome. See

  • What does NSFW "not safe for work" mean?

    Wallpapers that are very suggestive, or contain some nudity are "not safe for work". Additionally any foul language wallpapers are also "not safe for work".

    Wallpapers that show a lot of nudity as well as illegal wallpapers do not belong on the site at all.

  • Who owns the wallpapers?

    The copyright holder owns the wallpaper and not Desktoppr. Some images contain metadata that shows the copyright holder, we display this information if it's available.

    We do not own any of the wallpapers, we simply host them and provide a service to easily share them.

  • How do I get my wallpapers removed?

    If you hold the copyright for a wallpaper hosted on Desktoppr and want it removed. Contact us to have it removed. Please provide as much proof as possible of your copyright over the image.

  • Why don't you have feature X?

    We are adding new featues all the time. If you have an idea for a feature you think everyone might like. Suggest it at our community support page.

  • I heard you have hotkeys? Tell me more

    We do, for navigating wallpapers easier, here are the keys:

    1. Enter - Enables and disables the hotkeys
    2. Left Arrow / H - Navigate back
    3. Down Arrow / J - Navigate down
    4. Up Arrow / K - Navigate up
    5. Right Arrow / L - Navigate forward
    7. A - Previous page
    8. S - Next page
    10. P - Add a wallpaper to your collection
    11. O - Like a wallpaper
    12. Q - Flag a wallpaper as safe
    13. W - Flag a wallpaper as NOT safe
    14. E - Flag a wallpaper to be deleted
  • How do I setup rotating wallpapers?

    It will be different depending on your operating system, here are the instructions for some popluar operating systems.

    1. Mac OS X instructions
    2. Ubuntu Linux instructions using Variety
    3. Windows 7 instructions